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weekly activities

My last blog was about where we went last week, this blog is about what we did around the house and what Miles (14.5 months) has been learning.

Since Miles has always been a big fan of opening and closing as drawers, and recently has become obsessed with opening and closing containers, I decided to make some “open and close” activities for him.

First I set up this “open and close” bin for him.



The bin included a tin box, a glasses case, a small purse, a book, a tin food container, an easter egg, a toy cell phone, my old cell phone (which doesn’t work anymore because Miles put it in the wash machine just before I started it – which his daddy saw and thought it was funny so didn’t tell me because he thought I would notice- tsk tsk), an easter egg, and a small zip-up toy backpack.

I’ve been trying to implement Montessori inspired activities into Miles’s playtime, so I introduced him to this activity using the Montessori method. We took the activity from the table and placed it on his mat. Then I showed him twice how to do it. I opened each item saying “open” as I did it. And then closed each item saying “close.” When I finished showing him, I stepped away and let him explore, still saying “open” when he opened one of the items and “close” when he closed one. When he stopped showing interest, I had him help me clean it up and put it back on the table.

His favorite items were the tin box and can and the two cell phones.


This was the other open and close activity we did this week.


I set Miles up with a bunch of different containers and their tops to match them with. He loved this activity.


Besides these two activities, I also worked with him on “open and close” all week. Whenever he opened a drawer or cabinet, I would say “open” and when he shut it I would say “close.”


Another activity we did this week was this split pea bin. Just split peas in a bin with some spoons and cups.


Miles absolutely loved it! He played with it for about 40 mins. Of course he needed constant supervision with this activity, because of the small split peas (which he tried to eat only a few times). He loved scooping from the bin into the cups with his spoons.



Daddy helped out for a little while.



This activity was over however when Miles started throwing the split peas across the room. I have never seen him so throw such a fit before as he did when I took away this activity.


Miles has also been learning the parts of the face. He can point to ears, eyes, and nose on both me and Joe,  and he even says “eeyyyyeee” for eye and “eeeeeee” for ear.

The only part of the face he can point to on himself though is his ear.


When he got tired of playing the parts of the face game, I scored these really cute photos which I felt like I had to share.



I was featured for Tot School!



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Easter Activities

To celebrate Easter, I gave Miles a bunch of activities throughout the week.

We started with this one. It’s just 6 little Easter chicks, 6 plastic Easter eggs, and an ice cube tray, all from Poundland (the UK equivalent of Dollar Store)


This activity worked really well because he could practice a few different fine motor skills. Here he is sorting the chicks in the ice tray.


I gave him the activity again a few days later and this time he was more interested in opening and closing the eggs.



Since Miles has been very interested in pouring and splashing around in water lately, I set him up with this Easter themed water bin. It just uses the plastic Easter eggs and ice tray in the above activity, and I added water to it. He absolutely loved it! He played with it for about 40 minutes. By the end of it all the water was on him, and there was none left in the tub.



For his Easter craft I drew an egg on a sheet of paper and Miles picked the stickers that he wanted to put on, and then placed them on by himself.



There was some coloring as well, which he is starting to get the hang of, but he didnt enjoy it as much as the stickers.


This activity was great for his concentration. He concentrated so hard to get the stickers to stop sticking to his fingers and to stay on the page.


Miles’s finished Easter masterpiece! 🙂



Rather than doing an Easter basket with a bunch of chocolates, I decided to give Miles a giant sensory experience for Easter morning with this bin. I used Easter grass, little baskets that came in an Easter Egg dying kit, little bunnies and chicks, straws, pipe cleaners, and other random pastel toys I had lying around the flat.

IMG_2543 IMG_2544

When he first approached it, he was very neat and careful, picking up just one item at a time and examining it.





After a while though, he was throwing the grass all around and clapping for himself afterwards.


Daddy joined in on the fun.


And of course what Easter would be complete without a little chocolate?

Miles thought his chocolate bunny was a toy at first, so Joe had to show him he could eat it.




I’ve been trying to post this blog for a few hours now but the internet keeps cutting out and my computer keeps going totally crazy. But I finally got around to it!

Happy Easter


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