Earth Day

Earth Day is Monday, so we’ve been doing some environmentally friendly activities all week.

The first activity we did was a recycled materials painting.


I gave Miles an old paper bag to paint on with some finger paint. (I taped the paper bag to his high chair so it wouldn’t move around as he painted.)  And instead of giving him a paint brush, I gave him a recycled toilet paper roll and pieces of a recycled egg carton to stamp onto the page.


The first day he painted with blue.



We hung it up to dry and the next day he painted over it using green paints. The idea was to make it look like the earth.




Here is his finished “earth”:


Our next activity was a two-part activity. First we went to the park on a discovery walk to pick out some objects for an Earth day discovery tray.


 I wanted this walk in the park to be different from other walks in the park with Miles. So, I took him off the trail a bit, and then let him lead the way.



We picked up any object along the way that he was interested in.


 I talked to him about all the different objects, describing their textures, colors, etc.IMG_2738

His favorite objects were big sticks and flowers.


We ended up with some sticks, a pine cone, and some flowers to put in our discovery tray.  I also added the Earth ball.When I first introduced him to the tray he was only interested in playing with ball. When I took the ball out of the tray, he was much more interested in the natural objects.


There are many other simple ways that you can celebrate Earth Day.  From picking up litter on the streets, to using minimal electricity for a day, the possibilities are endless. Leave a comment, I’d love to hear about some of the ways you celebrate Earth Day.



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