Being a tourist with a toddler

Although I’ve been in Scotland for almost 5 months now, Joe and I sometimes still enjoy “playing tourist.”

This week, we decided to get a two day ticket on the Glasgow tourist bus.


It took us around the whole city, and we could hop on and off as we pleased. Miles loved it. He would always hold on really tight when we first got on it, but by then end he would relax and drift to sleep.


On the first day, we took the whole tour, then stopped at a park and went for lunch and shopping. The second day we decided to be a bit more touristy and go to a museum. We went to the People’s Palace.

We have begun to let Miles walk around as much as possible, especially when we go somewhere together.  So we did not bring the stroller to the museum. This was our second time visiting a museum without a stroller, and I must be honest it takes a lot of getting used to.

I did not get to read the descriptions or take as many pictures of things as I might have liked to because I was busy chasing around my little toddler. However, I did still enjoy myself. It was so exciting watching Miles explore this new place. To touch and see the things he has never touched or seen before.  So, even though maybe I didn’t learn too much from my museum experience, I am happy to know that Miles learned and explored a lot.

The fountain outside the park


If you can manage to look past the beautiful fountain, you can see the old carpet factory in the background of these pictures. It is a beautiful building that is now just an apartment complex.


I always love these things haha


Miles in jail!!


We tried to get him to look upset while he was pretending to be in jail, but the above picture is the best we could get.


These pictures are from Kelvingrove Park, that we went to earlier in the week to feed the birds and squirrels again. It has become an almost everyday thing since both Miles and Joe enjoy it so much.

IMG_2608 IMG_2609

Miles enjoys being outside so much. He is so content just walking about and exploring, even when it is obvious in his eyes that he is getting tired he keeps a smile on his face as long as we are outside. We are going camping this weekend for a night, so hopefully he enjoys sleeping outside just as much. I’ll be sure to post a blog about our camping adventure.



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3 responses to “Being a tourist with a toddler

  1. kelvingrove2013

    Templeton’s carpet factory is indeed a magnificent building. Modelled on the Doge’s palace in Venice.

  2. Miles is so adorable!
    I remember traveling to London when my boy was a toddler–also roaming around NYC and taking him to museums. great fun to see a little person take it all in!

  3. Visiting from the Sunday Showcase. I’d love for you to share your family-friendly crafts and ideas at Monday Kid Corner at See you at the party!


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