What we did this week

I probably should have been keeping a blog the whole time I’ve been in Scotland, but oh well, better late than never.

Places we visited:

the Glasgow Transport Museum


Miles loved walking around the museum by himself and exploring everything.

Around the house:

Joe introduced Miles to keys and how to open doors, and now he tries to do it himself.


This kept him entertained for hours. And now everytime he sees one of our keys lying around on the ground he picks them up and walks towards the door and sticks them in the little hole, then claps for himself.

Then we gave Miles his first haircut!! I was pretty nervous to let Joe cut it, but it actually came out pretty good I think.

Here’s the before and after!



We found that the secret to keeping to stay still the whole time was to keep giving him snacks.


Joe made bread and so we gave Miles some of the dough to “help” with.

IMG_1590 IMG_1588

He loved picking it up with the fork and putting it into the two bowls. This was great practice for him feeding himself.


He tried to eat it only a few times.

I found these awesome chunky naked crayons which I thought would be perfect for Mile’s first time coloring.


He enjoyed it initially, but then became more interested in standing the crayons straight up.

IMG_1604 IMG_1594

He also finally took interested in this activity, dropping the popsicle sticks into the slits. It took him a couple weeks to get the hang of it, but now he loves it.


I also found an idea on Pinterest to let children finger paint with baby shampoo. I thought this sounded like a great idea. Since it was just soap, it would be easy to clean up.


Miles unfortunately didn’t enjoy it. He didn’t really get the concept and didn’t enjoy getting his hands sticky. After about 5 mins he started shouting “out” at me.

Joe began setting up Miles’s toys very elaborately for when he wakes up in the mornings. Here are some of Joe’s masterpieces:


Miles loved knocking them down.


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